Snažím se odeslat každou zásilku do tří dnů, ale občas se stane, že jsem zavalen. Pak trvá odeslání více než týden. Pokud potřebujete knihu rychleji, napište mi e-mail na, že to spěchá. Petr Hampl

Tomáš Očadlík: Essay on the Limited Usefulness of Science

Kód: 439
170 Kč

An entertaining essay about whether scientific progress still makes sense and whether it would be better to do without science.

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Since the author means nothing in science or literature and wants to mean nothing, he can afford the luxury of flagrantly violating all publishing rules and good literary manners in his book.

"Tomáš Očadlík's essay opens up questions that should have been asked long ago and for which it is true that finding answers is vital. That is why I hope that the publication of the booklet is only the beginning and the first step. That a debate will follow, that the debate will be vigorous, that the meaning of empirical science will be rediscovered."

From the foreword by Petr Hampl.